A Trip Up North to the Marin Headlands

Take a weekend trip up north from San Luis Obispo to San Francisco and the Marin Headlands. Just four hours away, the Headlands have a great deal to offer. Watch the clip below.


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NBC Reporter George Lewis Speaks at Cal Poly

California Polytechnic San Luis Obispo offers an array of respectable speakers who visit the campus and are available to the public, free of cost.  I attended a presentation last week which I highly recommend to others.  The facilities were warm and welcoming, providing complimentary wine and appetizers. Afterwards, the speaker entertained any questions and socialized with guests.

Long time NBC reporter, George Lewis, spoke on campus last Thursday in the Alumni House. Phi Beta Delta organized the event in which Lewis shared stories of his background, experiences with journalism, and evolution of technology.

Lewis was born in 1943 and attended San Diego State University before beginning his career. “I got into journalism because I wanted to help people.” He joined the NBC team in December of 1969, and has continued his work as a journalist based out of Los Angeles. During his speech on Cal Poly campus, he shared stories of his coverage of the Vietnam War, the Iranian hostage crisis, and presidential elections.

While the esteemed war correspondent’s experiences were impressive to hear first hand, his candor and humor were equally entertaining.  Lewis began his speech by reminding the audience to switch over to the “secure mustang wireless network right now instead of the old insecure network and users of the network are encouraged not to send other users pictures of them without shirts on.”

This comment was met with laughter due to the current Petraeus scandal. Lewis continued on with “we all wondered what was going to replace our great obsession over the election. Thank god for David Petraeus.” As he described the situation, it’s “homeland mixed with the real life house wives of Tampa.”

Continuing with his appreciated humor, Lewis called out, “confession time: I can not get enough of the Petraeus scandal right now!”

Once introducing himself with his humor, background, and stories from various experiences, George Lewis focused his speech on the future of technology. Despite witnessing all the changes over the past thirty years as a journalist, his outlook is positive.

It was very interesting to hear of the changes he experienced, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of modern technology. Concerning the hostage situation in Iran, Lewis and fellow reports discovered the numbers didn’t add up. They realized some Americans were in hiding, but didn’t want to pursue this because it might endanger their lives. Times were different then though, which Lewis touched upon by saying: “I just wonder, given todays’ new journalistic climate with 24/7 cable networks and bloggers and tweeters whether that could of secret could be kept. It would be a lot harder than in those days.”

As a journalist major, hearing such a respected reporter having a positive outlook is encouraging.  Lewis compared the constant changes to scientific evolution. “I think of it as Darwin said, to survive you adapt. The news organizations will do that.”

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Montaña De Oro State Park in San Luis Obispo County

Montaña De Oro State Park in San Luis Obispo County: View of Morro Bay.

Montaña De Oro State Park in San Luis Obispo County: View of Morro Bay.

A cool sea breeze rustles the tall grasses, slender trees, and birds’ feathers as they soar along the majestic coast. Mountains loom, valleys dip, and cliffs hug the ocean’s waves. Montaña De Oro has much to offer within it’s 8,000 acres.

The state park is located in Los Osos, a small beach town in San Luis Obispo County.  According to California State Parks’ website.  Montaña De Oro is the one of the largest. It features “rugged cliffs, secluded sandy beaches, coastal plains, streams, canyons, and hills.” Along the beaches people climb large rocks, enter caves, and admire tide pools.

Road thru Montaña De Oro State Park

Road thru Montaña De Oro State Park

Rangers estimate close to a million visitors each year.  Tourists and locals alike come to hike, camp, sight see, horseback ride, bike ride, picnic, fish, or lay out on one of the beaches. Handicap accessible parking and trails are available.

Various camp sites are provided such as en route, family, environmental, group, and so forth. Reservations can be made online at SLO State Park’s website or Reserve America’s website.

Guided tours are provided, in addition to exhibits, programs, and a Visitor Center open from 10-3 p.m.

Beach in Montaña De Oro State Park

Beach in Montaña De Oro State Park

Upcoming tours:

  • Nature Walk Nov. 13 2:00 p.m.
  • Tide Pool Walk Nov. 15 3:00 p.m.
  • Nature Walk Nov. 28 3:00 p.m.

Jasmine Moore, Los Osos resident, visits Montaña De Oro with her husband and three sons.  They visit the local state park to hike and explore the tide pools. “The tide pools are amazing, you can see so many starfish at low tide. And the trail to the tide pools is serene.

My favorite [place] is Spooners cove, my husband always looks for rocks that are the shape of hearts and my kids collect many different shells. It is such a calm and quiet place.

Stream in Montaña De Oro State Park

Stream in Montaña De Oro State Park

The State Park is an attraction for not only locals, but tourists and visitors. Brett Erickson, senior at Boston College, explored Montaña De Oro while visiting the central coast.

It’s such a beautiful place and so convenient to get to if I went to Cal Poly! I loved climbing up on the high rocks and watching the waves crash below.

Eden Elissague, Cal Poly student, shares her opinion of one of San Luis Obispo’s state parks:

Beach in Montaña De Oro State Park

Beach in Montaña De Oro State Park

Montaña De Oro is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been.  There’s a point on the drive when you get the first glimpse of the beach and its breathtaking, the woods are on one side of the road and on the other is the whole Pacific Ocean crashing over the cliffs as far as you can see. That’s my favorite part.

Reviews and recommendations for California State Park Montaña De Oro are available online at Yelp  and Trip Advisor.

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Transgender Awareness Fashion Show on Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Campus

Spotted on California Polytechnic San Luis Obispo campus! Updated live.

The Student Life and Leadership involved with the Gender Equity Center is hosting a Transgender Awareness Fashion Show on November 16th. The show will be held in the Chumash Center in the UU on campus from 4-6 p.m.

Attend or volunteer to support and spread awareness of transgender in the San Luis Obispo area. For more information on helping out, email Alicia Cooks at acocks@calpoly.edu

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Interview with John Hoffman and Students Concerning Boo Boo Records

Boo Boo Records is located in the heart of historical downtown at 978 Monterrey Street and is a well known attraction in the San Luis Obispo area. The store provides music, books, movies, posters, artwork, clothing, concert tickets, live performances, and knowledgeable staff. Beginning in 1974 out of a vehicle, the business has welcomed a number of owners and expansions along the journey.

One of the past owners, John Hoffman, shares the history of the record store and his personal experience. Also interviewed in the podcast are Cuesta students Cortney Kiner and Anne Knapke. Kiner has frequented Boo Boo Records to absorb the culture and purchase a number of concert tickets. Knapke is the daughter of John Hoffman and has grown up in the store.

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Hollywood Men Perform in San Luis Obispo on November 4th

Real life Magic Mike is coming to San Luis Obispo! Loud music, screaming women, fully stocked bar…and did I mention the sexy men who will be removing skimpy articles of clothing with each dance move?

For one night only the male dancers will perform at The Graduate at 990 Industrial Way. The doors are opening at 7:30, with the excitement beginning at 8. I know I don’t need to tell you Magic Mike fans twice- it’ll be an unforgettable night!

Simply Swanky Affairs describes the performance as “L.A.’s #1 male revue show- A full buffet of ladies fantasies fulfilled!” Their website  offers pre-sale Ladies Night Out tickets: $30 for VIP or $20 for general seating.

Enjoy a naughty night out with your girlfriends and lets give the traditional strip club a run for their money! After all, men aren’t the only ones who can appreciate exotic dancers.

Check back for updates after I attend tonight’s show 🙂 Hope to see you there!

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“Taco Tuesday” in San Luis Obispo

Free chips, dollar tacos, and two dollar beers at Chino's Taco Tuesday.

Free chips, dollar tacos, and two dollar beers at Chino’s Taco Tuesday.

The smell of fresh mexican food fills the air, lingering amongst the music and constant chatter.  Spiced beef, tender chicken, moist beans, shredded cheese, and crisp lettuce fill taco shells stacked high on every customer’s plate.

The atmosphere is full of excitement and impatience. Hungry Slocals eagerly order their share of tacos, gambling on just how many they can devour. Wouldn’t want to waste a taco, it costs an entire dollar after all. Yes thats right, a dollar a taco.

It’s Mexican food lovers favorite day of the week: Taco Tuesday.

There are two primary restaurants to attend in San Luis Obispo to experience Taco Tuesday. Visit each of their Facebook pages for more details: Chino’s Rock and Tacos and Taco Roco.

Chino's Rock & Taco specials board for Taco Tuesday

Chino’s Rock & Taco specials board for Taco Tuesday

As can be assumed, college students on a budget love a great deal for dinner. In fact, almost everyone loves a great deal. And tacos.

Dylan Burns has attended college in San Luis Obispo for the past four years, and is very familiar with this weekly “holiday.” He describes the ongoing special as “a great day out of the week to break up the studying, go out with a group of friends and socialize on a limited budget.”

Excluding the price, Burn’s favorite aspect of Taco Tuesday at Chinos is “the quality of food has an overwhelmingly satisfying sense of freshness and to top it off they offer a great beer special too!”

Another fan of the popular downtown Chinos is Cal Poly senior, Shea Lockhart. “I love Taco Tuesday at Chinos! It’s fun and you always see at least one person you know there.”  However, Lockhart points out that “sometimes the line is a little overwhelming.”

Chino's restaurant downtown at 892 Marsh Street

Chino’s restaurant downtown at 892 Marsh Street

Because of this factor, Cal Poly student Kyle Caraddo seeks the alternative. “I usually go to Taco Roco just because it’s quicker than downtown. It’s good too!”

In addition to shorter lines and more available seating, Taco Roco also offers churros for dessert.

Jessi Muyo, an employee at Chinos, shares the following concerning this special day of the week:

“Taco Tuesday gets extremely busy, especially once school at Poly starts, but all of the employees are well prepared for the big rush and we all help the runners and cooks to make sure everything runs smoothly. It’s cool to see all of the students and families come in, it’s a really great time to see all the personality of SLO because there are customers that come in from all ends of the spectrum.”

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